What do Doctors Think About Penis Extenders and Other Penis Enlargement Methods?

In this way, the penis shaft is extended by increasing it’s size naturally.

By effectively extending the penis (like by using a traction device), it makes the penis harder, and thus larger.

These penis enlargement surgeries are mainly used in overweight men whose fat removal did not improve the appearance of the buried penis.
The penis ends are sewn and the pelvic skin is overlapped to reveal the penis that extends into body.

However, the surgical results can be disappointing because some of the injected fat can be absorbed by the body cells of the male.

Other doctors suggest the best way to enlarge the penis is to get fat from the hip part of your body and inject it into the shaft of the penis.

Another technique for increasing the width / girth is fat transplantation to the penis cavernosa area.

None of these techniques have proven safe or effective and can even affect your strength and ability to get an erection for intercourse.

A common result of this sexual pressure is that men are increasingly researching to improve the girth of their penis shafts.

Of the many surgical procedures out there, one is the extension procedure, in which the suspension ligament (i.e., the structure that anchors the penis to the pubic bone) is cut off, increasing the total length of the penis to hang from the body.
As you can see, you need to familiarize yourself with the knives and needles around the penis to perform any penis enlargement.

Method #1: The Penis Pump

Penis enlargement works regardless of the pump device used, whether it is a vacuum pump or a traction device.

The pump swells in the cavernosa blood vessels – this allows more blood to flow into the penis, where it accumulates and enlargens.

The device pulls the penis or tube in the penis called cavernous bodies. This causes engorgement and blood enters the penis.

The resulting airlock draws extra blood into your penis, making it straight and slightly girthier.
Penis pumps have a real health advantage: they help men with ED, also known as erectile dysfunction.
However, research has shown that the pump has no lasting effect on the size of your penis.

Method #2: Penis Extender Devices

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A man who is not completely satisfied with the erect length of his penis can still use the penis stretcher.
Studies have shown that penis extenders (penis traction devices) improve erection length in 10 out of 14 users without side effects after 8 months of use.
To explain this phenomena further, the penis stretcher acts as a exercise training device that makes penis tissue more sensitive to blood stimulation and more pleasing to blood flow during an erection.

The PhalloGauge Extender sold at www.phallogauge.com has a pulling force of 2900 g, making it one of the strongest penis stretchers on the market that only PhalloSan extender can match.
The traction provided by the enlargement mechanism ensures maximum comfort because it is more convenient than most other products based on the penis shaft.

Because this particular device provides safe, simple and convenient penis enlargement, the PhalloGauge extender is one of the best options to choose.

Traction devices are designed to elongate the length of the penis by stretching the penis cellular tissue.
A person places a device or weight or on a flabby penis to gently lengthen it.
Several clinical studies examined the operation of the traction principle with positive results.

Method #3: Penis Exercises

There are many penis exercises that are said to increase hardness, length or girth.
There is a historic technique called jelqing in which the thumb and forefinger are gripped around the penis to train the penis shaft from base to tip.

This is done for 20 minutes a day.

There has been tons of evidence that jelqing, increases penis size.

It just goes to show that, persistent, careless handling of the penis can cause injury or scars.

Penis enlargement procedures are used to increase the size of the cavernous cylinders of the penis or to promote a large blood flow to increase girth.

Natural penis enlargement are techniques that a man can use to increase the size of his human penis.
These documented techniques include operations, supplements, ointments, patches and physical methods such as exercises, jelqing and adhesion.

There is a whole industry that takes advantage of this demand and sells drugs, tools and operations that deliver on penis enlargement.
Despite this, it doesn’t stop men from trying different things, including stretching the penis.

If this penis size fear affects the male’s quality of life, it is usually diagnosed as penis dysmorphic disorder (pdd).
It is a condition that can harm the sexual psyche and is a reason men turn to penis enlargement.

When a part of the body, in this case, the penis, is subjected to a constant tensile force, microscopic tears form and then heal larger. This is the fundamental principle behind natural penis enlargement.