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Counsel should contact Litigation Management, Inc. (LMI) once they have filed and served their Registration affidavit and spreadsheet.
Multi-district Litigation (MDL) Orders

Pre-Trial Order No. 28

Exhibit A (revised)

Exhibit B

Extension of Time (PDF) 23KB

Pre-Trial Order No. 29

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Pre-Trial Order No. 30

Pre-Trial Order No. 31

Pre-Trial Order No. 31A
New Jersey

Order on cases pending as of 11-9-07

Order on cases pending after 11-9-07

Order for Temporary Stay

Order for Registration

Order of December 11, 2008 Amending Prior Registration Order

Order Regarding Registration of Claims

Order Regarding Prima Facie Evidence of Usage, Injury and Causation

Pre-Trial Order No. 5

Pre-Trial Order No. 5 – Amended

Pre-Trial Order No. 8
Other Documents

Proximity of Usage Calculator (XLS) 94KB

Notice: The Proximity of Usage Calculator is based on 30-day months and a 365-day calendar year. Please be aware that these factors may affect the proximity of usage analysis. For that reason, if a client’s usage does not meet the proximity of usage definition but is close, it would be advisable to calculate the pill usage manually.

Master Settlement Agreement (PDF) 213KB

Amendments to Master Settlement Agreement (PDF) 192KB

Offical Press Release (PDF) 68KB

Description of Settlement (PDF) 73KB

Claimant Valuation Examples (PDF) 20KB

Client Cover Letter (Updated 12/21) (PDF) 60KB

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